10 Cheats To Use On Your Next Trip To Chipotle

10 Cheats To Use On Your Next Trip To Chipotle
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If people aren’t complaining about the immediate trip to the bathroom after eating Chipotle, then they are complaining about all the portion sizes and what a ripoff the add-ons can be. I have cashed out at the place with a $14 bill before. It’s highway robbery.

Unless you know some of these clever cheats that self proclaimed “Chipotle Expert” James Pan as come up with, to get yourself some much bigger portions on your next trip to burrito heaven.

1. Smile at your server.

Pan says this is extremely important.

2. Get a burrito bowl.

It is pretty well known by now that by ordering a bowl instead of the burrito tortilla, you get more for your buck.

3. Ask for a tortilla on the side.

This is free.

4. Ask for extra rice at no extra cost. 


5. Order both pinto and black beans for free. 

Mmmm… beans.

6. Get free fajita vegetables.

Veggie’s are good for you, kids.

7. Ask for two different proteins, for example, half chicken and half steak.

James says, “Many places give you 3/4 a scoop of each protein, essentially giving you double protein,”

8. Ask for salad dressing,

Also free.

9. While you’ll always pay more for guacamole, Pan says to order it on the side.

“You’ll usually get more,”

10. Finally, timing is important.

Ideal Time: “Go late at night, about an hour within closing time,” Pan says. “They’ll just keep shoving the burrito until it explodes. Then they double-wrap it.”

All good advice. Thanks James!

Good luck, burrito lovers.
source: quora.com/Chipotle-Mexican-Grill

photo via tumblr.com

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@CaitPlusAte I like these tips, but I'm surprised that people complain that portion sizes are too small! I disagree with that!

Stephanie Lyn Gresko
Stephanie Lyn Gresko

The guacamole not being free isn't entirely true...it's included for free on a veggie bowl. They just don't advertise it.