Chances are that no matter how healthy a lifestyle you live now, at some point you have had something off the McDonald’s menu. Most likely as an American you have tried all the items at one point or another.

The newest menu item they are rolling out this spring is the Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich which you can get as a burger or with grilled chicken. The interesting thing with this is that it’s the first McDonalds sandwich released nationally to include the ever popular Big Mac special sauce! It also has thick-cut Applewood-smoked bacon, caramelized grilled onions, white cheddar, leaf lettuce, and tomato all on a fancy artisan roll. So clearly they are trying to take a crack at making a REAL burger that people are used to getting in a pub or restaurant.




While this is great and everything, as we once learned from Pulp Fiction there are many things on the menus of McDonald’s restaurants around the world that we will sadly never get to try here in America.




Here are just a few of the menu items that have never seen the light of day here in the U.S. Some of them actually look pretty tasty too!


1. McHotdog Classic – Japan



I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love hot dogs, but do I love hot dogs when I’m in Japan at the McDonalds counter? Also, this is on their breakfast menu, which explains what looks to be eggs on there. No thanks.


2. McSpaghetti – Philippines



I like how they felt like just the spaghetti was not fried “McDonalds” enough for this dish so they just randomly added a fried chicken leg.


3. McMolletes – Mexico



These actually look kinda great. Cheese, refried beans, pico de galo. Yes, all of this please! Hit it with some authentic hot sauce too. See Japan, enough with your fake hot dogs just stick to what you do best like Mexico does.


4. McCurry Pan – India



Absolutely not. There are so many things wrong wit this. How do they even make that crust?!


5. McDelivery – Egypt, India, Japan, China



YES! It baffles me that the United States McDonald’s chains have not rolled out delivery yet. It’s really a shame and hurts our “Fat America” image that we have worked so hard to keep up.


6. Samurai Pork Burger -Thailand



This actually looks delicious. And a trillion times better than the disgusting McRib that they get everyone fake excited about here.


7. Chocolate mousse – France



Of course, France. You assholes. This does look tasty by the looks of the photo though.


8. McFalafel – Israel



This better come with a side of hummus.


9. McRice burger – Singapore




This actually looks like something that would be in a Fairfield County McDonalds next to Whole Foods.


10. Mashed-potato burger – China



Wow China. Impressive. You have created the most “American” McDonald’s menu item ever. Only a matter of time before we see this in the U.S.





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