10 Random Laws Going Into Effect Tomorrow

10 Random Laws Going Into Effect Tomorrow
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Tomorrow marks the first day of October, and also the first day for a lot of weird laws in Connecticut.

1) Firearms Ammunition

Public Act 13-3 will make huge changes in the state’s firearms laws. Most importantly, anyone looking to buy ammunition will be required to have a state-issued gun credential.

2) Mixed Martial Arts

Amateur and professional MMA will be legal so MMA fans rejoice! Basically the sport will now follow the same laws as pro-boxing. Plus minors will now be allowed at pro-MMA and boxing matches as long as they’re with a parent or guardian, so get ready for the tweens.

3) Highway Worker Safety

This one I’m sure will get a lot of backlash, and also applause. Cops will be cracking down on drivers who violate laws in highway work zones. Especially cellphones. Get caught using a cellphone within the workzone and your fine is doubled! Plus, you may be added to a driver retraining program list. More tickets for us, more safety for the workers. It’s a lose-win, but fine.

4) Tattooing

Tattoo shops and their artists will now need state licenses and will be subject to inspection. Local or district health directors are going to annually inspect the sanitary conditions of tattoo shops and collect an inspection fee of up to $100.

5) Restoring Benefits To Veterans

Veterans who were ineligible for state benefits because of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy will now be allowed state benefits. Also the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is now required to tell veterans what legal services organizations will give them military discharge upgrades and reinstated federal benefits.

6) Mattress Recycling

The new law requires mattress retailers to take part in a mattress recycling program. It requires mattress producers to take place in a nonprofit mattress recycling council. Don’t do it, and you can’t sell mattresses in CT.

7) Strengthening Distracted Driving Laws

The new distracted driving law increases the fines for talking, texting or basically touching your cellphone while driving. The fines are: $150 for a first offense, $300 for a second offense, and $500 for each subsequent offense. Plus you’re now prohibited from using your phone when you’re temporarily stopped in traffic, stop signs, lights, etc. But my text can’t wait!

8) Tanning Beds

Basically, anyone under 17 can’t go fake tanning. Tanning salons will now get a $100 fine if anyone under the age limit is caught baking in a bed. This should be a fun law around prom…

9) Invasive Bamboo

Bamboo is in Connecticut? Who knew. Either way, if your bamboo gets out of control you’re getting a $100 fine.

10) Insurance Mediation Program For Catastrophic Events

Let’s call this the Sandy Effect. If the governor calls a state of emergency, this law will help to mediate disputes between insureds and insurance companies to settle claims from catastrophic events.

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you think you got it bad try being a truck driver 2200 yes 2200 dollars for using a phone without a headset


Good idea for the distracted driver. Now i'll really get slammer. I'll teach me.