I love firefighters, respect and look up to them for putting their lives in danger for others. So, I was pumped when given the opportunity to compete in the Middletown Firefighter Combat Challenge. How could I not jump at the chance to get into a firefighter’s pants……and mask, and gloves, and boots…. to get a deeper look into the profession.

For about a month and a half I trained with Firefighter Joel Gillooly with City of Middletown Professional Firefighters Local 1073 at Captain Joe’s Gym for the challenge taking place tomorrow, May 14th at Middlesex Hospital. The obstacle course that we will go through resembles some of the crazy tasks firefighters perform on the job that are physically demanding and demonstrate just how important fitness is for these guys and gals.

Even though there are thousands of reasons why firefighters are the freaking best, I collaborated with Middletown Firefighter (and my competition) Sal Cretella to narrow it down to 10 really important facts you should know.

1. They are hot: And I’m talking about more than their looks. They have to RUN INTO Structures on FIRE. Fires can burn between 700 – 900 degrees; sometimes exceeding 1,000 degrees.


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