Let’s face it, even the biggest turkey lover gets sick of it after Thanksgiving.  I mean, you have leftovers for days, you don’t want them to go to waste, so you get creative with how you recycle them.

But, let’s be real, there’s only so many ways to reinvent a turkey dinner.

Well, no longer!  Check out these mouth watering recipes that will make you love that leftover turkey until the very last bite!


Leftover Turkey Soup:

Loaded Cheese-Stuffed Mashed Potato Balls:

You can’t list Buzzfeed without using the word “hacks” – so here’s 5 just for you!

Another fun recipe for the kids: Turkey Leftover Pockets.  This recipe is easy enough to let your little chef help you out.  YUM!

If you’re feeling fancy… check out these Thanksgiving Leftover Croquettes!


If you have more time on your hands to craft a tasty meal, check out some of my personal faves.

I made Martha Stewart’s Curried Turkey Casserole last year.  SO GOOD.  Recipe HERE

Get a head start on polishing off those leftovers early with a turkey frittata!  Recipe HERE

Or you can make a super fancy turkey ramen recipe.  Recipe HERE

This is a recipe I called “Ol Faithful” – Turkey Pot Pie.  Recipe HERE

Here’s a great idea for the kids!  Turkey Mac n’Cheese.  Recipe HERE


If you have your own spin on Thanksgiving leftovers, hit me up.

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