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It’s the season where we hold our family close and are thankful for all the good stuff we have.  The most amusing question we can ask is what are our children thankful for?  We reached out a group of Connecticut moms and asked them to question their children.

1. “My son is thankful for Star Wars.  He’s never seen Star Wars.”

-Rita Morgano


2.  “My daughter is thankful for Rapunzel and Cheetos.”

-Angela Parmalee


3. “My son is thankful for hooded sweatshirts and Daddy.  He didn’t mention me.”

-Melissa Labrosciano


4. “My four-year-old son said he isn’t thankful for anything.  Then he said he hates turkey and stormed off.”

-Danielle Talisse


5. “My daughter is thankful for the kitty she says we’re getting for Christmas.  I’ve told her a million times that we’re not getting her a kitty for Christmas.”

-Michelle Lester


6. “My daughter says that she’s thankful that her brother stopped hiding her barbies in the toilet.”

Stephanie Capamolla


7. “My son is thankful for rap music, unicorns, and snack time at pre-school.”

Tricia Oliveira


8. “They couldn’t come up with a single thing they were thankful for.  Not one.  Two kids, not one thing.”

Gabrielle Meier


9. “He’s thankful for his dead goldfish, Mommy, and Daddy.  Then he specified in that order. He really did love that gold fish… that lived for six days.”

Christina Eisenbergo


10. “My son is thankful for watching cartoons on TV and rectangles.  Like the shape of a rectangle. He couldn’t specify why that was better than a square.”

Michelle Lapes

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