Flu season is officially upon us here in Connecticut. So if you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, are terrified of Ebola, or just a hypochondriac, bookmark this page for the weirdest remedies for flu.


1. Put a bowl of onions in your room

Back in the 1500s people hadn’t even discovered what germs were but thought keeping a bowl of onions in your room would protect you. Do onions absorb “noxious air”? No. But eat a raw one and you can help boost your immunity.


2. Have a fever? Put ice cubes in your armpits

Of course putting ice cubes anywhere on your body will make you colder. And apparently your armpits host a large blood supply close to the skin so this actually does work.


3. Frog Skin

According to the Irish, frog and toad skin can help treat over 70 diseases including the flu. I’m assuming unless you live in a world of Harry Potter (jealous), frog skin is pretty hard to come by and also just gross.


4. Licorice helps a sore throat

Don’t run out to stock up on Twizzlers or Sambuca yet. Everything “licorice-flavored” is actually just that – flavored. The real healing of licorice comes from, of course, real licorice. But if Twizzlers and liquor make you feel better too, go for it.


5. Cow Poo Tea

Another horribly disgusting one but apparently putting manure into your tea can relieve your flu symptoms. If anyone tries this please divulge what this tastes like and how you managed to swallow.

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