You are not going to be in the thankful spirit while traveling on the road for turkey this year. AAA predicts that two million people will be driving on New England roads, which is way up from last year. In CT–we’ve got snow and being the state you have to drive through to get to the big cities, it will not be fun.

So, if you still plan on making the trek in your vehicle, here are a few tips to help you keep some of your sanity, so you still have a little left for your family to steal.

1. HAVE A TON OF SNACKS: Do not travel on an empty stomach. And wussy snacks like trail mix and rice cakes are not going to cut it. You’re gunna want beef jerky, something chocolately, something sweet and chewy, something crunchy, something fruity, and something cheesey. Pack snacks in every category so you know that when a specific craving hits you got it covered.

2. MAKE AN AWESOME PLAYLIST: Try more upbeat songs to carry you through high traffic zones…and ones that you know you sound damn good singing along to.

3. LISTEN TO COMEDY ON PANDORA: Trust me, just put in the name of your favorite comedian on Pandora to build a station around that type of comedy. You don’t have to listen to a long, full set, because Pandora gives you the funniest bits of each comedians’ routine. You’ll look like a crazy person laughing, but who cares if it’s distracting you from the idiots all around you. You can also download podcasts from your favorite comedians.

4. SEND ETA AND LIVE DRIVE ROUTE BEFORE YOU LEAVE: WAZE has an app where you can map out your route and share your drive, live. So, instead of trying to call and text your family with updates on arrival, which is stressful and dangerous, send it to them beforehand so they know what your travel situation is like and they’ll know when to expect you.

5. GET GAS THE DAY BEFORE: Gas stations will be busy and you don’t want to add anymore time to your trip than you have to. Make sure you have windwasher fluid and all that safe driver stuff set to go too. ( You know, adult stuff that I always forget)

6. HAVE A COMPANION THAT WILL HELP YOU KEEP YOUR COOL: Traveling is more fun with a partner, especially if they’re less crazy than you

7. KEEP AN EXTRA SET OF KEYS IN YOUR TRAVEL BAG: You never know when you’ll lock yourself out of your car stopping at the side of the road to pee.

8. KEEP BABY WIPES ON YOU: Just in case you really have to stop to go…wherever you are!

9. GET AUDIO GAMES TO PLAY: There are a bunch of CD’s or apps to download (if you have Bluetooth in your car) with games to keep you entertained, like “Traveling Trivia”.

10. PLAN PLACES TO STOP AND EAT BEFORE YOUR TRIP: If things are taking longer than you’d expect, and your handy snacks aren’t doing the trick, have places planned along your trip beforehand that you could stop in. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out where to eat when you’re hungry and cranky, it’s snowing, and you don’t know where you are. If you just wing it, you may end up somewhere with sketchy characters.

11. LEARN HOW TO CURSE IN OTHER LANGUAGES: Which you’ll definitely be putting to good use. There are a bunch of these available on CD or app, like The Slangman Guide To Street French, Italian, Spanish, etc

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