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1. Eating alone in the dining hall is totally normal, and almost exhilarating.


2. Target is the greatest store on the planet.


3. There is no such thing as a prank that isn’t funny.

crazy-duct-tape-girl-funny-prank-stuck-to-wall (1)


4. You have no choice but to master the game of Beer Pong.


5. Your roommates are the worst.



6. Ordering food at 1 AM is a common occurrence.



7. Spring Break is the only reason to live until April.



8. Where you sit in class explains everything.



9. You have never been more creative with your money.


10. and your cooking.




11. It is possible to eat Ramen Noodles every single night of the week.


12. You will always think you drank more than you did.



13. At least one of the people you meet at college will be a friend for life.


14. There is no way you will have your life figured out by the time you graduate.



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