This is my worst nightmare as a former fat kid.  I lived about one mile from my elementary school and I still made my mother drop me off and pick me up everyday- Like I said I was a fat kid.  Plus, if she picked me up from school it got me home faster to my afternoon snack of Snickers and endless amounts of Care Bear cartoons.  Pretty soon Milford fat kids will have to be begging their parents to drive them too.

According to new school guidelines, if a student in elementary school lives within one mile from the school, there will be no school bus option.  For middle schoolers it’s one and a half miles, and high schoolers it is now two miles.  Two miles!  You know how far that is for a kid that spends their day playing Candy Crush in front of their TV on their iPad eating Doritos?! This new guideline will transform about 180 students from bus service to  walkers.

I don’t want to sound like I’m encouraging the fatness of our youth, but two miles to walk to school is pretty far away.  Unless you’re a gym rat (or a Boston Marathon runner), when is the last time you walked four miles in a single day- for no reason?  Imagine your kid doing that five times a week for a distance of 20 miles.  Plus at a leisurely fat girl pace of 12-15 minutes per mile, that’s an extra half hour of time to allow for a high schooler’s commute.  Seems excessive.  Hopefully these children will pack a lot of juice packs and Cheetos to hold them over until they arrive at school.


Source: WFSB

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