When we were all growing up everyone had their favorite things. Your favorite toy, favorite cereal, favorite TV show, favorite movie, and so on. What becomes hard to accept as we grow older is when our favorite things go away. Your favorite show is cancelled, your favorite cereal is discontinued, or an actor from your favorite movie dies.

2014 was a rough year. My favorite athlete retired, a streak I grew up watching ended, a favorite wrestler of mine passed away, as did an actor from one of my favorite movies.

Derek Jeter


I wasn’t surprised when Derek Jeter announced his retirement, but I knew it was the end of an era. Jeter wasn’t the reason I was a Yankee fan, but he sure made it easy to root for them.

My dad always talked about the players he got to watch growing up and I always wondered who the great players I’d get to tell my son I got to see play. Derek Jeter is at the top of that list.

21 and 1


I’ve been watching wrestling for as long as I can remember and from his first ‘Mania match to last year’s, the talk was always about who would defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. It never happened, until this past April at Wrestlemania 30 when former WWE champ and UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnat pinned the Undertaker.

I know wrestling is pre-determined, but why now? Why did it have to be Lesnar? Who’s idea was it?

I never thought I’d ever see the end to The Streak. I was wrong.

The Death of a Warrior


Sticking with wrestling, when the Ultimate Warrior challenged Hulk Hogan to a match at Wrestlemania VI, I was torn. Who do I root for? The leader of Hulkmania or the guy who sprints to the ring with tassles on his arms and legs? The guy who preaches, “Say your prayers and take your vitamins,” or the guy who made no sense whatsoever during his promos?

“The Ultimate Challenge” was my first big life decision.

Fast forward to Wrestlemania 30 weekend. The Warrior and Vince McMahon bury the hatchet and Warrior gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The following Monday he makes his first appearance on Monday Night Raw in 16 years. The next day he’s dead.

Wrestlemania 30 week was a rough week for wrestling fans…

Now those were just sport-related instances that killed my childhood. On top of that, Harold Ramis passing away and turning 30 just 2 weeks ago put the nail in the coffin that now houses my childhood.

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