Many of us during this time of year aspire to get in shape to be ready for summer. But, for all you athletes out there know this to be true — sometimes it can be challenging to get the motivation to work out. This is especially true when you’re getting up early to do so. I mean I get it. When you get up early already for work almost everyday, why would you want to do so on your day off?

However, something that always manages to motivate me is a good workout playlist. In fact, I think that it is almost as essential as having a good pair of sneakers and a pair of sweatpants. The reason being is that it gives you that extra pep in your step when you’re struggling to make it through your work out.

Getting ready to work out? Grab your headphones and your phone, and give these songs a listen no matter what your workout consists of. Trust me, it will help you be able to power through even the most challenging of workouts.

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