Wow.  Shocker.


I believe I am speaking for everyone at this point.  We are sick and tired of seeing Connecticut on the bottom of yet another list.  It’s beyond embarrassing at this point.

So, in the latest national roundup ranking states on their friendliness to small businesses, Connecticut came  dead last for the 2nd year in a row.

WTNH reports that the survey, created by Thumbtack, was started five years ago and Connecticut has traditionally occupied the bottom of the list.

Small business owners bemoaned the state’s complicated tax code, zoning restrictions, licensing, and labor regulations the most this year.  Out of 11 categories, Connecticut flunked 8 of them.

Nice, right?  It’s like we’re becoming the undefeated champions of being the worst possible state at anything related to economics and finance.  Throw political ratings in the mix and, boom, we have ourselves looking at an undefeated season.

Experts believe this survey has a silver lining.  It will hopefully serve as a much-needed wake-up call to our politicians who can make this state more welcoming to its future job creators.

What can the state do to recover and change how it treats small businesses?

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