Rumors have been flying this week about UConn Huskies Men’s Basketball head coach Kevin Ollie could be leaving Huskies nation for the big leagues.

According to Basketball Insider @AdamZagoria Ollie is being “seriously considered” for an NBA coaching gig in Oklahoma City for the Thunder.

In the event that this rumor does come true the Huskies will obviously need to fill the head coaching job. Here’s my 3 suggestions.

1. Geno Auriemma

C’mon Geno you have already accomplished pretty much everything you can with the lady Huskies. What more is there to do? It HAS to get boring winning championships every SINGLE year right? Don’t you want a new challenge?

We all heard the comments Geno made about the men’s college game being ‘shitty’ product. This would be his chance to come over and reinvent the men’s game. He would be a hero!


2. Jim Calhoun

Clearly these other two are half-joking picks (Emphasis on HALF) to make this post is somewhat entertaining. But this pick I really want to happen. Calhoun is a coaching legend not only in the state of Connecticut but in the sport of basketball. I know he bowed out with class a few years ago, but just give us ONE more season Jim! It would easily be the biggest sports story of 2015-2016.


3. Geoff Fox

Geoff has his “inappropriate conduct” issues here in Connecticut. So what?! You dirty Facebook messaged with some trashy girl who pretty much catfished you into becoming the laughing stock of the internet, then high-tailed it to the west coast. That was YEARS ago now. I bet no one even remembers any of that went down. Even if they do, this will be your Connecticut comeback! I’m not sure if you have any basketball coaching experience, but who cares?! Just stay off Facebook and you’ll be fine.


Whoever the Huskies end up choosing if Ollie does in fact leave let’s just hope they can bring the Huskies back to the NCAA Men’s Basketball promise land.


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