Sadly, July 4th won’t grant us a much needed 3-day weekend.  I know.  It’s such a bummer! But, it does give us a short week and the ability to get totally sloshed on a Monday night.  So, there’s that.

I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing.

But, considering that you clicked on this article…

Anyways, my good friend Pinterest and I narrowed down some fun and festive cocktails that will wow your holiday party guests.   Why just drink basic beer and drinks when you can get creative?  You gotta celebrate America’s birthday the right way.

And that’s by drinking deliciously unique cocktails.  And maybe drunkenly setting off some (legal) fireworks.

The last line is negotiable and definitely not condoned.  I just happened to live next to crazy neighbors for the past few years so I know what happens after a full day of day drinking and grilling.  Chaos.

So, here’s some ammo to help you celebrate and drink up to America’s greatness.  Feel free to leave some of your own personal recipes for me to sample over the holiday!

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