Hey there.  So, as car show season kicks it into high gear, here’s a few things that you, the spectator, should know.  Heck, this also applies to participants, too.

But, mostly to spectators.  Like, 99 percent of this article pertains to them.

Look, I know it’s beyond exciting seeing a ton of super old and rare cars in one place.   It’s nearly impossible to resist acting like a child on Christmas day when you happen upon your dream car.  However, it’s imperative that you control yourself.

Because, you might become “that person.”

Believe me, car shows are equally as fun for those exhibiting their prized possessions.   But, you can easily ruin the fun.  Yeah, all it takes is one person.

And, sometimes, you might not even know what you’re doing is wrong!  Still, there’s that rare gem out there who knows exactly what they’re doing.  And when a car owner catches them…?  Well, it ruins everything for everyone.

But, I’m gonna assume you’re the prior.  Because, let’s face it, car shows are fun.  It’s easy getting lost in the excitement.  Mistakes happen.

Believe me, I’ve seen it all.  I’ve been to car shows both as a participant and a spectator since I was in elementary school.

So, here’s five little nuggets of information to help you ensure a good time for everybody.

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