written by, Eric Scatamacchia | CT BOOM Staff


5.) Hartford, CT

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut, which should be good enough reason to protect it. But, it is also the insurance capital of the world housing companies including Aetna, United, and Travelers. I’m sure if you’ve ever tried to file for a claim you understand why insurance agents need protection.

Meet Metron– By day an Aetna building janitor. By night an attack ninja dressed in Hartford Whalers gear. Metron guards the state capital and protects insurance agents from disgruntled customers.


4.) Bristol, CT

Bristol is the home of ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports. This sports haven must be defended to ensure the world does not fall into a sportsless pit of doom. This heavy responsibility requires the skills of a fearless trailblazer.

Meet The Ludus Leader– By day a Lake Compounce employee. By night a ruthless creature that doles out punishment to wrongdoers. The Ludus Leader has the size of Shaq, the tackling power of Ray Lewis, and the agility of Barry Sanders.


3.) Mystic, CT

Mystic is primarily known for its aquarium, which is home to hundreds of sea creatures. This high concentration of sea life requires a watchful eye.

Meet The Piscis Protector– By day a Mystic Aquarium tour guide. By night he protects the aquatic inhabitants of Mystic Aquarium. With the ability to breathe underwater The Piscis Protector keeps Mystic Aquarium safe ensuring the public can continue to enjoy the aquatic wonders of Mystic.


2.) Storrs, CT

The majority of Storrs is made up of the UConn campus. Need not look any further than this past April and UConn’s basketball championships to see what can happen when college kids have an excuse to go crazy.

Meet Cloak– By day a UConn undergrad. By night a masked crusader who protects the masses from drunk, rowdy frat boys and selfie-taking, giggling sorority girls.


1.) New Haven, CT

New Haven is the 20th most dangerous city in America. If that doesn’t constitute the need of a superhero than what does?

Meet Domino– By day a Pepe’s Pizza delivery boy. By night he unleashes hell on evildoers with the strength of twenty men. Domino roams the streets of New Haven fighting crime and bringing criminals to justice.


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