Last minute Holiday shopping is an art form. If you are stuck, here’s a few things that are easy to find and will remind EVERYONE that you live in CT!

5.  CT Lotto Scratch-Off Tickets : Much easier than driving up to the casinos, and a traditional stocking stuffer in many families. Adults only please!

4.  Case of Yuengling Beer : It’s the latest craze since Fireball Whiskey, plus It’s been unavailable in CT until very recently.  It still has that “novelty” status, but you know as well as I that it’s just a cheap way to stay on your friend’s good side.

3.  AAA Movie Passes: We all have one friend that is too cheap to get AAA for their car. Therefore, giving them some movie passes at a deep discount not only provides entertainment, but also serves as a reminder: “Dude I’m not fixing your flat tire next time. Get AAA.”

2. Gas Card: We sit in a lot of traffic jams, who couldn’t benefit from free gas?

1. Cash: It’s still King, and plenty to go around in our tiny state.

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