On Tuesday Bradley International Airport started running new nonstop Southwest Airlines flights from Hartford to St. Louis.

This is very exciting for many reasons.

1. You get to finally see that Arch!

Unless you know someone who lives in St. Louis there is a pretty good chance you have never been before. This is a bucket list monument to check off your list. Right up there with the Empire State Building, Lincoln Memorial, and Mount Rushmore. Plus, you can actually take a elevator to the top! I’ve done it. It’s awesome.

2. Go Cards!

Living in Connecticut you’re already used to rabid baseball fans. Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, and now the local Connecticut darlings, Hartford Yard Goats. St. Louis is surprisingly also a HUGE baseball city. Those fans absolutely love that team. The Cards actually aren’t that bad this year either. They could sneak into the playoffs if they play well down the stretch. Busch Stadium is a beautiful park too. Definitely a must see if you’re a baseball head.

3. Have a Bud at the home of Bud

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Home of Budweiser and a million other beers they own. With the rise of small craft breweries lately you might be saying “huh? Why would I want to go to the massive Budweiser factory?” One word: Clydesdales. There’s literally no other place in the country where you can see the stars of all those Super Bowl commercials up close while having one of their beers. They are giant and amazing to see in person.

4. Smoki O’s Barbeque

Absolutely life changing food. Get the burnt ends. Trust me. You’ll be dreaming of how good they were forever.

5. Soulard is a party

Soulard is a word you’ve probably never heard of until right now. It’s one of the coolest neighborhoods in STL. Built around a landmark farmer’s market which has been there since the 1700s, Soulard is where the locals go for fantastic bar hopping, great food, and hours of daytime drinking good times. Soulard also claims they have the second largest Mardi Gras Celebration in America. So plan that flight out of Hartford accordingly.

There you go. In just two and half hours you can be on the ground in St. Louis having the best times.

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