Today is May 5th, which means it is one of the best drinking holidays of the year. Cinco de Mayo! That is of course, if you enjoy tequila, coronas, and eating your weight in guacamole. And honestly, who doesn’t enjoy those things.

It’s tough to find a good Southwestern or Mexican place on the east coast. Luckily here in Connecticut we have the best. And there are two of them! Geronimo Tequila Bar & Southwest Grill in New Haven and now their brand new location in Fairfield.

The folks at Geronimo have been celebrating Cinco De Mayo since last Thursday with today being the big finale party of their Five Days of Cinco Celebration at both locations.

Here are five good reasons you should celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Geronimo today.


1. They have the largest tequila selection on the east coast. It’s not even a contest actually. Over 400 different kinds of tequila. They are so nutty about their tequila in fact, that the owners go down to Mexico each year to hand pick a lot of the tequila.



2. Tequila flights! When a place has THIS many different kinds of tequila that drink many can be quite intimidating to say the least. Which is why you should get one of their famous Tequila Flights. You can choose one the have put together already or mix and match from the giant list.


photo 3 (8)


3. Tableside Guacamole. If you go to Geronimo over the next five days and DON’T order the tableside guac, you are not allowed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo next year. It’s one of the greatest things about Cinco de Mayo! There is nothing like fresh guacamole made right at your table. And their chips will blow your mind too.


4. The atmosphere. When you walk into Geronimo, whether you go to the New Haven or Fairfield location, you feel like you have traveled somewhere far away from Connecticut. In a good way of course. The rooms at both locations rule.


5. Margaritas. Well you can’t celebrate Cino de Mayo and NOT have a delicious Geronimo Margarita. Be warned though… once you have a margarita from Geronimo all other margaritas will seem inferior and just make you angry. Yes, they are that good.


Also, maybe the best reason of all. If you are at Geronimo on Monday for Cino de Mayo you might just run into Cuco The Donkey! Geronimo’s pseudo Cinco de Mayo mascot. A perfect opportunity for an Instagram photo that will surely get you a million likes.





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