Instead of complaining about not having a date or significant other this Valentine’s Day, try to see the silver lining! Here are the top 5 reasons to love being single on V-Day 2015:

5.  No Pressure To Impress – New acquaintances don’t know you, and can’t tell if you’re trying or mailing it in (yet).

4.  You Don’t Need To Hide Your Addiction To Social Media – When in a relationship Instagram and Snapchat are good for only one thing: Trouble. By being single you can “selfie” and “belfie” to your heart’s content!

3. Wild Singles Parties – These are probably the most fun-filled drunk-fests of the year! Everyone is looking for a hook-up and usually half the people in attendance have never met before.  It’s akin to shooting fish in a barrel.  If you’re “taken” then you haven’t been invited to your friend’s party tonight, and hopefully are taking it in stride…

2. Saving Money – No flowers, no candies, no lingerie and certainly no overpriced cards. That means you have money for booze!

1. No 50 Shades Of Grey – While every significant other is getting dragged to see this movie you can stay home and watch free online porn! Trust me the acting is just as bad, and you’ll get much more out of it. You have dodged a bullet my friend!

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