Making people laugh is hard. When your cast mates are the likes of Vince Vaughn, Zach Galifianakis, and Will Ferrell, it’s even harder. When you share the stage with comedic geniuses of that caliber, you won’t be stealing many scenes.

But for the last 15 years, The Dan Band has been doing just that. The bat mitzvah scene in Starsky & Hutch. The wedding scenes in Old School and The Hangover. All featured comedies biggest hitters and all will be remembered for the risqué band performing expletive-filled versions of our favorite songs.

That band is The Dan Band, and they’ve been making us laugh for over a decade with their lyrics, choreography, and hilarious takes on classics like “Candy Shop” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” And now, they’re bringing their act to Foxwoods Resort and Casino right here in Connecticut on Friday, January 13.

In honor of those show, here are 5 of The Dan Band’s songs that consistently cripple us with laughter. Take a listen and get your tickets for the show here!

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