The Hold Steady is playing Toad’s Place in New Haven tonight. If you have never seen these guys live, you must. They are a party. Just a group of middle aged guys who play rock and roll and love to drink. Who doesn’t love that?!

If you’re going to the show tonight here are some things you can expect to see…


1. LOTS of plaid. On stage and in the crowd. It’s kind of become the uniform of the band and their fans actually.

DailyPlanet-20100703-9 (1)



2. Stuck Between Stations. Which is arguably the greatest song of theirs to see live. Just straight ahead rock and roll.



3. Aging hipsters. The band has been around since 2004. Which means at this point their fans are all mostly in their 30s, some pushing 40. But tonight will be their time to shine like they are a 23 year old hipster in Brooklyn.



4. PBR. If plaid is the uniform of The Hold Steady, PBR is most definitely the beer of The Hold Steady. Tall cans, draft, bottles, PBR everywhere!

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5. Drunk sing-a-longs. Even if you’re not familiar with The Hold Steady’s entire catalog, their songs SUPER catchy and everyone around you will no doubt be singing along fueled by beer and/or whiskey.


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