If you’ve been following the 50 Cent drama, it took an amusing turn today.  50 Cent has been sued (and lost) two major cases putting him in debt to owe about $24 million dollars to plantiffs.  One case involved a woman who said that he released sexually explicit videos of her on the internet without her permission, the other from a company that creates headphones that says he breached a contract with them.  He is appealing both cases but nevertheless, he claims he’s broke.

Like bankruptcy broke.

That’s why a Connecticut judge has ordered him to appear in court today after he posted multiple images to Instagram showing him with piles of cash around his house.  Also note that he’s been trying to sell his ridiculous mansion in Farmington, CT for almost a decade.  (Reports are that it will become an old folks assisted living facility… We hope this is true because old people definitely need a casino and stripper poles in their home)

When Judge Ann Nevins at Hartford’s Superior Court today questioned him about the social media posts, he had a logical explanation.  It was fake money.

Yep.  Props.

What is he Vanilla Ice?

What kind of respectable rapper posts pictures of himself with fake money?  Like did he take it out of a Monopoly game?  Are those gold chains ones that he bought at Party City?  Maybe images of his hot cars are really Matchbox car images that he’s had enlarged?


a.  He’s lying.


b.  He has just lost all the street cred he’s ever had.

The outcome is that more investigation needs to be done into his finances… Or someone just needs to go just go check in his house to see where he’s hiding all this “fake” money.

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