The Governor’s race is heating up every day that we get closer to election day this November. All of the candidates so far have been doing their best to get themselves out there in front of the people of CT. Governor Malloy has not announced whether or not he plans to run for re-election in November but he sure is acting like it.

The Governor will be holding a community forum in Milford to talking to the public about the state budget he plans to propose, his plans for education, and the most important thing to most people the state’s finances. Residents will be allowed to ask the Governor questions if they attend the forum which will run from 7pm-8pm on Wednesday night at the Milford City Hall Auditorium.

Here are some questions we would like answered. If you plan on attending Wednesday night please ask the following…


1. Will Hartford be getting a NHL team again in the next 2-3 years?


2. Is the state still out of salt? What’s the update on that?


3. If you run for re-election will you promise to take a public speaking course so we don’t have to listen to all of your “uh’s” and “um’s”?


4. What is your plan to make Bridgeport a city that doesn’t make the “Most Dangerous Cities In America” list every single year?


5. Can you hurry up and do something about the gross abandoned Showcase Cinemas lot in Milford? Rumor is it’s supposed to be a ShopRite. If this is true, can you make them hurry the hell up?


6. Can we pony up some cash to get The UCONN Huskies mascot a better uniform?

What do you think? Comment below