1. Accept the fact that a hurricane IS coming this year. We’ve had massive storms in 2011 and 2012 with Irene and Sandy. This year will be no different.



2. Stock up now on all of the essentials. Even though hurricane season has technically already started it’s on nobody’s mind yet. So be proactive. Right after you’re done reading this go out and buy your batteries, snacks, flashlights, and booze.

Hurricane Kit


3. Make sure you’re vehicles are always full with gas. You never know when we are going to get hit, so never let that gas light go on. Remember last year? It nearly turned into The Road Warrior in Connecticut and New York.



4. Have that old battery operated radio from 1979 ready to go. That will be one of your only connection to news and updates from the outside world. In the past, stations like Star 99.9, 99.1 PLR, and 95.9 The Fox ran constant updates and storm info.




5. Do what city and state officials tell you to do. If your city or town is being evacuated. Evacuate. Don’t be a dummy. Last year, there were still idiots stranded on their roof everywhere despite literally HOURS and HOURS of warnings to get out of dodge.



6. Make sure you know of all your emergency contacts. Addresses, phone numbers and emails. Police, Fire, power company, etc…




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