This morning as you may have noticed if you left your house anywhere between 7am and 9am it was a disaster. A freak snow storm which just snarled every road in Southern CT it seemed.

You probably have already slid your way to work or are about to venture out if you had a delayed opening at the office. The roads are still not that great as of the writing of this post. But they are supposed to get better in a few hours. Which is why living in New England you should always drive a car that you can give the middle finger to the stupid snow with. An all-wheel-drive machine that will plow right through any snowy nonsense.

I drive a 2011 Subaru Legacy and honestly it makes me look forward to driving in the snow. It just makes you feel so powerful out on those snowy roads!

Here are 7 cars that are great in the snow and you should proabably be driving living in New England and all.


1. Subaru Legacy

2013 Subaru Legacy AWD in Snow Test


2. Jeep Grand Cherokee



3. Chevy Tahoe



4. Land Rover Range Rover



5. Audi Allroad

original (1)


6. MINI Countryman ALL4S



7. Dodge Durango

The 2013 Dodge Durango R/T all-wheel drive on snow-covered trail.


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