There are plenty of crazy properties on sale in Connecticut. There’s Trump’s mansion. There’s 50 Cent’s mansion. There’s the $65 million estate in Greenwich.

And while it seems like a bad idea to pay that much money for land and a house, some television fans might be tempted to pony up for the latest big ticket lot on the docket.

According to Curbed, a paltry $75 million will get you a crazy mansion in Stamford that bears a resemblance to the set of Downton Abbey.

Of course, the bizarre pleasure of living like you’re on the set of a television show isn’t all you get for your money. The house is pretty swanky on its own.

Here’s the list: 262 acres of land. 20,000 square feet in the house. A formal garden. A greenhouse. A tennis court. An indoor pool. An outdoor pool. A lake. A bridge. And, yes, a life-sized chess set.

Why a life-sized chess set? Because when you can afford a $75 million house you can probably afford to buy life-sized everything. It’s like being Richie Rich except real.

In fact, if I hit the Powerball and decide to buy this thing, I’m turning the greenhouse into a McDonalds, Richie Rich style. It might be out of touch with the Downton Abbey theme, but if I’m going to drop that much cash on a house, I’m going to make it my own.


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