8 Connecticut Haunted Houses You NEED To Go To

8 Connecticut Haunted Houses You NEED To Go To
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It’s the time of year where the wind whips through the tree’s, everything is eerily quiet, and there is a chill in the air.  It’s Fall in Connecticut which can only mean one thing… Someone has to be murdered.

Alright, that’s not true.  No one is getting murdered.  BUT- it is the time to explore some of Connecticut’s scariest and most entertaining haunted houses and trails. This list pulls together the spookiest places to go… if you dare… and want to get murdered.  (Again, not really.)


1.  The Dark Manor, Norwich, CT 

Turns out that this place is so haunted that it’s not unheard of to find real ghosts mixed in with the actors.  It’s become such a thing that they’ve hired GONE (Ghosts of the North East) Paranormal to investigate the home.  That event is happening this Thursday, October 10th.  This location is actually two places in one.  There’s a two-story haunted house as well as the outdoor graveyard and haunted village.


2.  Trail of Terror, Wallingford, CT 

Since 1994, Wallingford has been the home to one of the most respected Halloween attractions in New England.  As a non-profit they have raised over $700,000 for local charities.  Their actors are volunteers that truly love scaring the hell out of you.  From what I understand their new ticket system helps shorten wait times but it’s pretty much mandatory to buy your tickets online for a scheduled time slot- So certainly get all those details before planning a road trip.


3.  Spooky Kingdom, Plantsville, CT 

With over 15 animated attractions, Spooky Kingdom is a family obsession.  What started with a few gravestones in 2002 has grown into a fun visit for those who live in the area.  It’s the definition of what a basic haunted house must have- fog machines, a hearse and lots of blood.  No admission cost is required and all donations benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.


4. Nightmare on Wolcott Street, Waterbury, CT 

Boasting 55 rooms of horror, Nightmare on Wolcott Street certainly won’t disappoint.  You can’t escape the monsters… err, actors.  They’ve been known to get so close that you can feel their breath (although they won’t touch you!) and you may be chased through the parking lot.  Be ready for horror from the moment you step onto their property!


5.  The Only Scream in Town, North Haven, CT

A 5400 square foot freaked out hospital full of mentally ill patients, a half mile trek in the woods filled with rednecks and cannibals, a haunted mansion where the walls crumble and you fall into an underground evil world- These are just a few of the attractions that North Haven has in store for you.


6.  Amity Road Horror, Bethany, CT 

Relatively new to Connecticut, this location is just about perfect.  Located on Amity Road… number 667 (close enough), it was destiny to be a 2 acre haunted scaring ground.  This is its second year in operation and already it’s making a name as one of the best outdoor haunted areas to visit in Connecticut.


7.  Dark Walk Haunted Camp Tour, Andover, CT

Get on a bus and be transported to a camp where fear and terror live.  It is theatre and horror combined.  During the summer this location is the Channel 3 Kids Camp, but when the camp closes for the summer… it transforms.  For the story of how the demons were released watch this…


8.  Haunted Graveyard, Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT 

Slaughter house, a vortex, terrifying corn maze, vampires, a witches, a jungle, a Mayan temple, werewolves, demons- There literally isn’t a thing they left out.  With 160 actors and ten make up artists, this is a production like none other.  It can easily take 45 minutes to see the experience the entire path.


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