8. Wear Sunscreen

Look, I hate putting on sunscreen.  Absolutely loathe it.  It’s boring and a major waste of time.  But, I force myself to put it on and, actually, by wearing it daily I do notice a difference in my skin.  Wearing sunscreen helps reduce aging brought on by sun damage.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays cause over 90 percent of all wrinkles and other signs of visible aging.

Also, it helps fight diseases such as skin cancer and also reduce sun burn which does damage the skin, along with sun bumps and blisters.

But, like I said… I HATE putting on sunscreen.  I also hate waiting for it to set before going outside.  But, if I want to look like a hot grandma, it’ll be worth it, right?  90-year-old me will probably thank me once we invent time travel.

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