Every winter, whenever some terrible blizzard rolls into the state, all you hear for the next few days are updates on “whatever storm name”. Apparently, the nerdy weathermen over at The Weather Channel release winter storm names every year, sparking a controversy with the National Weather Service, who wants the naming rights to storms. None of this anyone should care about except the fact that we get these names drilled into our heads for weeks, making you panic, run out, stock up on booze, Oreos and other “necessities” in order to survive.

This year, the nerds have outdone themselves. There’s a name for each letter of the alphabet, they’re all a Greek or Roman reference and all pop culture related. Get excited for a freezing, long winter and get ready to hear these bizarre names all season long.


1. Damon


2. Sparta


3. Cato




4. Linus


5. Thor

6. Pandora




7. Remus




8. Today’s Winter Storm Ariana. 


Check out the full list here.


(top photo: PR Photos)

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