By: Peter McAleer | CT BOOM STAFF


1. “Upstate New York”





You bet it is. Or at least according to @ryannichols7 it is. Whoever drew up the US map that says Connecticut is Connecticut and New York is New York clearly has no idea what they’re talking about.


2. “$4.20 A Gallon”




With an average of over $4 per gallon, Connecticut is the 4th most expensive state to get gas in in the US.


3. “Pretty Beautiful”



Finally, some pro-Connecticut banter on twitter. And yes, @pieces_mended, Connecticut is pretty beautiful.


4. “Working Out”




Good to hear that you’ve found your niche in CT @jclay_allday.



5. “Really Pathetic”




Well all that pro-CT stuff didn’t last long lol…


6. “The Worst State In This Country”




How dare you @scubbbba, New Jersey has worked very hard to earn that title. Don’t you take that away from them.


7. “One Haunted-Ass Place”




Yes @yungdiabetic, there are a handful of scary movies based in Connecticut but those are completely fictional. Bridgeport, however, is very real…


8. “Increasing hourly pay to $10.10”



If only I wasn’t an unpaid intern  :..(


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