I have quite a bit of experience with state employees. My mom has worked for the state for almost 30 years. Furthermore, during my time as a student worker for both the library and the accounts payable departments, I also witnessed the effects on budget cuts, and staff cut backs. This, as a result, is causing the departments to be understaffed.

In my opinion, it’s downright ridiculous.

It’s no secret that the state is in some serious budget troubles. According to an article in the CT Mirror entitled Concession Deals Would Hit State Workers and Retirees, Malloy proposed that employees would have higher pension contributions and a hybrid version of their retirement plan — which the article states would save the state $712.6 million in the next fiscal year.

According to an article on WTNH entitled “Malloy: State Union Workers to Announce Agreement With Union Leaders,” workers voted over the weekend on whether or not they were in favor of concessions. This morning, it was announced that there will be concessions. The article states that they will save the state up $24 billion over the next 20 years.

Despite this promise that it will save taxpayers money, I still think this is a terrible deal. Whether they are a seasoned employee or someone that just started, everyone is going to get affected about this in some way, shape or form — they will either lose their jobs or the benefits that they earned.

And, that isn’t fair.

State workers don’t deserve the short end of the stick, Malloy. While I get that we’re in some serious debt, I ask that you think about those who are employed — they are people with families and mouths to feed, bills to pay. They are the ones that are going to take the hit.

And, for those who diss state workers, I ask that you take a minute before you run your mouth. While they have good jobs with good benefits, they worked hard for those very things. Therefore, as legislators are trying to get under control, remember they are probably the ones that are going to get hit the hardest.

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