It’s the end of an era. Yesterday, both the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle have disappeared from Apple’s website. However, the iPod touch is still available on the site.  I’m taking it as a sign that Apple is discontinuing the device, after 16 years of rocking out.

However, I can not help but feel a pinch of nostalgia and sadness for the departure of the beloved music player. The original iPod — which was white and only 5 GB — came onto the music scene in 2001.

Over the past 16 years, the iPod has by far revolutionized the way that we get our music — paving the way for the iPhone and the iPad. Before the iPod, listening to music portably consisted of a CD player and a CD wallet filled to the brim with your favorites. And of course, going on vacation was a total nightmare, because you had to worry whether or not you remembered to pack the CD that you wanted to listen to. Talk about a throwback.

Of course, the death of the iPod was to be expected. I believe there are two causes of death for it. The first is the fact that everyone uses their phone for music. Nowadays, you can download your entire music onto your iPhone, and still have room for apps, pictures, etc. My iPhone 6 has 64 GB, which is plenty of room for my music library, which consists of over 4,000 songs (and counting). Therefore, why would you pay extra for another device, when your phone does the same thing?

And of course, we can not forget streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora making it easier and cheaper for you to have your favorite songs available at a moment’s notice. Even if you use a premium service, like Spotify Premium, you pay $10 a month ($5 if you’re a student) and have complete access (both on and offline) to pretty much any song you want. That is a lot cheaper than buying a song at $1.29 each on iTunes.

As predictable as this may have been, I am still saddened by the iPod’s death. Call me old fashioned, but I still use an iPod listen to tunes versus my phone. iPods were the thing to have in middle school — if you didn’t have a pink iPod nano to blast your Hollaback Girl then you weren’t considered to be one of the cool kids. iPods were Apple’s claim back to popularity, and therefore, we must pay them tribute whether you had a classic, nano or even a shuffle.

Rest in Peace, iPod. You’ve gotten lost in a world of the fast-paced world of ever changing technology, however, you will not be forgotten.

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