It was a rough week for Sony, Seth Rogen, Hollywood and America in general . All of which basically got a wedgie and stuffed in a locker by North Korea thanks to stupid Kim Jong Un.

Now that Kim Jong Un seems to be able to control everything in America here are some other things right here in Connecticut we would like North Korea to put an end to.


1. Terrible Traffic on The Merritt, 95, 91, and 84.


2. All The Taxes


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3. The $1,000 Fines For Recreational Marijuana Use


4. Stuck-up Fairfield County Assholes

Fairfield County


5. Bridgeport. Yes, all of it.


6. Annoying Yale Students



7. Annoying UCONN Students



8. COLD Snowy Winters


9. Roadwork & Construction




Oh and on the flipside of things if you can find a way Kim, can you please bring back the Whalers once and for all?!



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