9 Reasons Harold Ramis Made Our Lives Funnier

9 Reasons Harold Ramis Made Our Lives Funnier

The world has lost one of the most influential comedic minds of all time. Harold Ramis died today at the age of 69.

Here are just a few of the many contributions Harold made to our lives to make us laugh over the years.


1. Directed Caddyshack

We could have just stopped here. This would have been a big enough contribution to society on it’s own.

[youtube_sc url="DTa94kSlV0U"]


2. Co-wrote and acted in Ghostbusters

Most people will remember Harold as Dr. Egon Spengler. A lot of childhood memories were hurt today.

[youtube_sc url="9-tYZkJ2p54"]


[youtube_sc url="D3v_ogRaTf4"]


[youtube_sc url="FcyktkVGUBM"]


3. Actor & Co-writer in Stripes

Just brilliant writing and maybe the funniest Bill Murray has ever been.

[youtube_sc url="tvCjr63AgtM"]


[youtube_sc url="xR9HuRUUTbs"]


4. Played Seth Rogan’s dad in Knocked Up.

…and was so convincing that I’m still not entirely sure that he wasn’t actually Seth Rogan’s real dad.

[youtube_sc url="VepWTt1DzTA"]


5. Directed National Lampoon’s Vacation

Most of the comedies in Hollywood would never exist without this movie.

[youtube_sc url="jtyrDZG-eDo"]


6. Co-wrote Animal House.

Inspiring college dorm room art for decades to come.

via dailygifblog.com


7. Directed Multiplicity

Which has arguably one of the the greatest pizza related scenes in all of film.

[youtube_sc url="YRQFMHRSj9I"]


8. Co-wrote & Directed Groundhog Day!

[youtube_sc url="8Bd1hqHrUPU"]


9. Co-wrote & Directed Groundhog Day!

[youtube_sc url="8Bd1hqHrUPU"]


RIP, Harold Ramis. Thanks for all the laughs.


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