The world has lost one of the most influential comedic minds of all time. Harold Ramis died today at the age of 69.

Here are just a few of the many contributions Harold made to our lives to make us laugh over the years.


1. Directed Caddyshack

We could have just stopped here. This would have been a big enough contribution to society on it’s own.

[youtube_sc url=”DTa94kSlV0U”]


2. Co-wrote and acted in Ghostbusters

Most people will remember Harold as Dr. Egon Spengler. A lot of childhood memories were hurt today.

[youtube_sc url=”9-tYZkJ2p54″]


[youtube_sc url=”D3v_ogRaTf4″]


[youtube_sc url=”FcyktkVGUBM”]


3. Actor & Co-writer in Stripes

Just brilliant writing and maybe the funniest Bill Murray has ever been.

[youtube_sc url=”tvCjr63AgtM”]


[youtube_sc url=”xR9HuRUUTbs”]


4. Played Seth Rogan’s dad in Knocked Up.

…and was so convincing that I’m still not entirely sure that he wasn’t actually Seth Rogan’s real dad.

[youtube_sc url=”VepWTt1DzTA”]


5. Directed National Lampoon’s Vacation

Most of the comedies in Hollywood would never exist without this movie.

[youtube_sc url=”jtyrDZG-eDo”]


6. Co-wrote Animal House.

Inspiring college dorm room art for decades to come.



7. Directed Multiplicity

Which has arguably one of the the greatest pizza related scenes in all of film.

[youtube_sc url=”YRQFMHRSj9I”]


8. Co-wrote & Directed Groundhog Day!

[youtube_sc url=”8Bd1hqHrUPU”]


9. Co-wrote & Directed Groundhog Day!

[youtube_sc url=”8Bd1hqHrUPU”]


RIP, Harold Ramis. Thanks for all the laughs.


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