The greatest success story of our time happened in Minnesota. Kade Lovell, just 9 years old but already a very experienced runner, was running a 5k by himself (which is very impressive) when he got lost on the course!

One of the volunteers for the race thought he was part of a 10K race that was also going on at the same time, and pointed him in the direction of that trail.

Kade’s mother Heather was extremely confused and concerned that her son was somewhere lost while running, but those fears were rectified when a spectator called her to let her know that there was a “little kid who was running really well” in the 10K race.

Turns out, her son was directed to the 10K race and he not only beat EVERYONE in that race, he finished a full minute ahead of a grown adult man, who finished second to him.

Kade ripped off the 6.21 mile run in a staggering 48 minutes. That’s what fear does, it really is a great motivator!

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