We are in day three of this heat wave, and it looks like there are no signs of it letting up. Temperatures will be soaring today up to 92 degrees. Tomorrow doesn’t look too much better, with highs expected to reach 88.

As a result, there is currently a heat advisory and air quality alert in Litchfield county. Additionally, in Hartford county, there is an air quality alert, and an excessive heat watch.

As a response to the heat, many schools across the state have early dismissals, because they don’t have air conditioning. Those schools include: Hamden High School, Milford School District, and Notre Dame High School in West Haven. Furthermore, Derby Public Schools are even closed for the entire day. To view a complete list of schools that are closed, check out this closing list from WTNH.

According to an article on WTNH entitled Several School Districts Close Early Again Due to Heat, this is for “comfort” for both students and staff members. After all, the article says that it serves as a distraction because “when all you can think about is how hot it is in your classroom.”

Furthermore, Milford’s Boys and Girls club (which has air condition), will be open for students.

So, be sure to take precautions in this heat. Make sure you stay hydrated, save any strenuous activities for the cooler parts of the day, and try to stay inside in a cool, air conditioned area as much as possible. And, if you are working outside, make sure you take breaks. Be sure to check on elderly relatives if they are alone as well. Finally, whatever you do, please do not leave a pet or a child in a hot car for any length of time.

Good news? We should be hitting the mid-70s this weekend, and early 80s for early next week. Maybe fall weather isn’t too far away after all.

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