If you drive the Boston Post Road in Milford with any regularity you’ve most likely noticed the tattered Hooters sign that looks like it’s been through decades of hurricanes and blizzards (it actually has btw). I can’t even remember it looking any other way except this version.

Some feared that the lack of attention to fixing the sign could be foreshadowing of yet another Post Road Business closing its doors. Making this stretch in Milford look even more like a filming location for the new Rick Grimes Walking Dead movie.

Then last week like a Phoenix rising from the ashes a brand new sign emerged!

It’s bright. It’s welcoming. It’s a whole new design. It’s everything Hooters patrons have been hoping for with every glance at the old apocalyptic sign while stopped at that red light. A clear sign (pun intended) from Hooters management that their doors aren’t closing anytime soon.

Fire by the fryilator, drop in an extra large order of wings, and get another round of those frosty viking size beers. Hooters of Milford isn’t going anywhere.

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