I may be dating myself, but remember the episode (or was it the movie?) of Sex in the City when Carrie had to get a new telephone number and freaked out that it wasn’t a “917” area code?  She says “But I’ve ALWAYS been a 917 girl”.  I understand that. Since I was born and raised in Connecticut, I’ve had my 203 area code since cell phones first became a thing when I was seventeen.  Hell, even my beeper was 203.  I understand that your area code defines you- tells a story.   It says “I’m a local”… or “I’m not originally from around here”… or maybe “I’m visiting”.  Regardless, I have a connection to 203.  Soon, that will all change.

If you live in Connecticut (and have a CT phone number) you either are a “203” or an “860”- I’ve always called the “860” the people up north.  Starting at the end of August all of that will change.  Area code “959” will start being assigned to new registered Connecticut phone numbers as the “860” lines are just about finished.  So get ready Connecticut- Pretty soon if you obtain a new number, no one will know where you are from.  Get ready to rebuild your identity from scratch.

Me? I will just never surrender my number.  As a wise woman once said “But I’ve ALWAYS been a 203″…


Source: Courant.com

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