In recent years, Connecticut has been on the rise when it comes to fast- and fast-casual food. We’ve seen several Shake Shack locations arrive. We’ve added Chick-fil-A to our repertoire. And the dreamers among us have called for In N Out to put its first East Coast location here.

Today isn’t the day we get In N Out, but it’s still a pretty good day. And that’s because, according to WTNH, one of our most beloved fast-casual restaurants is starting a new delivery service and Connecticut will be its test market.

That beloved chain? The Sultan of Soups, the Prince of Paninis, the Bastion of Bread, the Captain of Cookies: Panera Bread.

Oh yes, people. The place we all know and love for lunch or a casual dinner. The place with sandwiches that make your mouth water. The place with soups to warm your soul. The place with cookies that fall apart and melt in your mouth. That same place is going to bring all that delicious food right to your home or office, just as soon as they hire some people to do it.

Panera is opening up 150 new jobs in Connecticut to launch this thing. They have job fairs across the state looking for qualified drivers. That’s all important and good for the economy or whatever, but holy moly we can’t wait until a baguette a half a pound of warm chocolate chip cookies are being passed across our threshold without us even having to put real pants on.

Bless you, Panera. No longer do I have to debate whether it’s worth the drive to nom on the delicious cuisine you serve, because no longer will I be the one doing the driving. Other restaurants best take notice: Panera just issued a challenge and it’s on the rest of you to meet it.

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