Fifty-five year old Caroline Boudle from Tolland went missing last night after going for a walk and never returning. If you haven’t heard, it’s winter in February finally and the temperature last night was in the low 20s. Connecticut State Police sent texts out to her neighbors asking them to keep an eye out for the missing woman. But humans and their technology were no help and Axle the K-9 police dog saved the day.

Around 3:30 a.m. this morning, Axle’s handler said he took off running after seeing a small spot in the snow. The dog found Caroline about 3 miles away from her house in a body of water just south of the Route 140 intersection in Ellington. And being a true rescue dog, he didn’t just bark and wait for his human to take action. Axle went right in and dragged the woman out.

State troopers said she suffered from hypothermic conditions and was eventually taken to the hospital by emergency medical responders. They also said Axle probably saved her life and is crazy awesome. Go Axle.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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