Tick season is here. It’s supposed to be the worst tick season ever. They all have Lyme disease and new terrible diseases to be afraid of. You know it. I know it. Everyone is on the same page.

But there is a very big difference between being aware that it’s tick season and having that fact rudely and terrifyingly shoved in your face. Take, for example, that you are probably sitting indoors, comfortably unfamiliar with the wrath of 2017’s tick season. Then take, for example, NBC Connecticut reporting that a guy in West Hartford just pulled 30 freaking ticks off his dog.

Just look at that damn dish. That is a lot of ticks, and they are not small. If you thought some long socks and staying indoors most of the time could help you, apparently it cannot. If this is any indication, the moment you set foot outdoors it the moment a swarm of disgusting ticks will latch themselves on to your body and suck the life out of you.

Now, of course this dog owner should be giving his pup some flea and tick preventative. Hopefully he has learned that lesson now. But the rest of us should take this as a warning. Wear long clothes outside, especially in tall grass. Check yourself and your loved ones for ticks when you come inside. Be careful. This is the last picture of 30 ticks in one dish that any of us wants to see ever gain.

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