Well, it’s not everyday that a turkey decides to occupy your roof.  Or anywhere five feet off the ground.  I mean, I have seen turkeys running around my back yard so I know what I’m talking about.

So, how a turkey wound up on Aetna’s roof in Hartford is beyond me. And above my pay grade to find out.  Perhaps it was really hoping to score a job interview by performing a death-defying stunt?

Fox 61 says that once the bird was on the roof, it was trapped.  So, whatever it was thinking, it clearly backfired.  And now involved public safety officials.

Man, can you imagine being that officer coming home with THAT rescue story?  Because I can.

Still, it turns out that the original responding officer had to call for backup.  So not only did the police get involved, so did DEEP and the fire department.  Because, apparently, that was one slippery turkey.

So, anyways, Aetna’s employees enjoyed quite a show. Who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of firefighters and police officers chasing around what was once in the running to become the national bird?  Their social media must have been on fire.

Check out some examples:



Luckily, the story has a happy ending.  The turkey managed to elude his would-be captors and flew off into the sunset.  Or, well, tried.  I bet it wasn’t very graceful.

Either way, he got himself off the roof with only a modicum of encouragement.  Also, he gave everyone involved water-cooler ammo for the week.

What’s the strangest thing that happened at your job?  Was it anywhere near crazy as this?

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