At this point it’s just stating the obvious to say that Bill Murray is the greatest person on the planet.

But there was a time before all the amazing internet tales of Bill Murray encounters, random unexpected cameos in movies, and a full clothing line from The Chive that Bill Murray was just a great actor being hilarious in every flick he was in.

One of the best being Groundhog Day.

This particular scene has always been my favorite from the movie. I used to wish that Bill Murray was this character in real life. Just a jaded asshole taking hilarious verbal shots at everyone unfortunate enough to step in his path. Of course I am happy that he has actually become the wise spontaneous entertaining Bill Murray that he is now.

Since it is Groundhog Day today, we just got slammed by this snow storm, and the stupid Groundhog saw his shadow giving us six more weeks of winter it seemed like as a good time as ever to watch it.


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