Lighthouses are beautiful, but they are freakin creepy. If you’ve ever walked along St. Mary’s By The Sea sea-walk in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, or visited Fairfield beaches, then you’ve probably seen the Penfield Reef Lighthouse. It’s so picturesque surrounded by sparkling waters spotted with colorful sailboats, curious kayakers and wondrous water fowl.

Well, it’s haunted.


Located at the Black Rock entrance of the Long Island sound stands this lighthouse that was completed in 1874. It gets pretty treacherous traveling from the lighthouse to land, and days before Christmas back in 1916, the Lighthouse Keeper, Frederick Jordon did not experience a holiday miracle when his boat capsized on his way to shore on his journey to see his family. His assistant, Rudolph Iten (you should have used your damn nose Rudolph) noticed his boss in trouble, but was unable to get to him in time with the strong currents and wind working against him. Rumors swirled, and Rudolph was a suspect in what police thought was a murder. But days later, the Lighthouse Keeper’s body was found, and Rudolph was cleared. This would have a been a riveting 48 Hours episode. 

That’s when the haunting began.

Rudolph started keeping logs of when the ghost of his boss appeared. Damned CT has an excerpt from one of his encounters from beyond the grave:


“Some days later on what was one of the worst nights in the history of Penfield, and the waves were dashing over the lantern, I was awakened – I was off duty – by a strange feeling that someone was in my room.  Sitting up I distinctly saw a gray, phosphorescent figure emerging from the room formerly occupied by Fred Jordan.  It hovered at the top of the stairs, and then disappeared in the darkness below.  Thinking it was the assistant keeper I called to know if anything was the matter, but he answered me from the lens room that all was well. Much puzzled, I went downstairs and to my consternation I saw lying on the table the log-book of the lighthouse, with the page recording the drowning of Poor Jordan staring me in the face!”

Since then, other Lighthouse Keepers have recorded sightings of the ghost. Apparently he was a good ghost, because in 1942, a boat capsized by the lighthouse, and two boys were rescued by a man who just disappeared. Later on, one of the boys id’d the Lighthouse Keeper as the man who saved his life when he saw a picture.

So, don’t worry about getting wasted and boating around that area…Lighthouse Keeper Jordon has got your back. 

Photo Creds: Instagram/mattrowan1075 | Instagram/Joes7193

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