Living in Southern Connecticut I don’t get up north to the Hartford Metro very much. Unless there is a concert or something good enough happening to make that drive up the Merritt worth it. Which means I rarely get to try a lot of the great food spots everyone raves about up in the Hartbeat.

Hand down the place I hear about the most is Capitol Lunch in New Britain.

Last night a friend of mine was having dinner there. The text conversation review that followed is amazing.












This was on a group text with a few other friends so the nerd of the group then chimed in about the Ms. Pac-Man in one of the photos, which ended up being a fantastic fitting way to end the text message review.

caplunch 6


So the takeaway here is if you love Connecticut food hype, super friendly service, and saving a few bucks then Capitol Lunch is your place. If you just want an outstanding hot dog, stick with the best and go to Blackies or Super Duper Weenie.




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