There has been a lot of talk and buzz lately about what the official name of Hartford’s new Double A baseball team will be. After all the voting, arguing, laughing, mocking of the names it has been whittled down to a list of five.

Here is the list of names along with a description as to why each name makes sense (via Hartford Courant) and a photo of what each thing actually looks like.


1. Hedgehogs

With Hartford known as the “Insurance Capital of America,” the Hedgehog is a tribute to our insurance industry, while celebrating Hartford’s fighting spirit.


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2. Praying Mantis

As Connecticut’s state insect, the Praying Mantis embodies Hartford’s fighting spirit and being known for punching above its weight.


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3. River Hogs

This fun team name is a tribute to the legendary Hog River that flows under the city of Hartford.


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4. Whirlybirds

Celebrating Connecticut’s helicopter manufacturing and the Northeast Helicopter School, the Whirlybirds open up all kinds of fun mascot possibilities.


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5. Yard Goats

Railroad slang for an engine that switches a train to get it ready for another locomotive to take over, the Yard Goats honors Hartford’s rich rail history.


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The winning name will be announced at a press conference on Wednesday. Some of the names that missed the final cut were the Hound Dogs, Honey Badgers, Blue Frogs, Screech Owls and Choppers.

Which one do you like best? I’m all for the River Hogs.


(via Hartford Courant)

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