So, who’s ready to dust off their shovels?  Because, apparently, we might have to.  A potential nor’easter that’s barreling up the coastline could bring cold weather and whipping winds on Mother’s Day.

I guess we were bad children this year if this is how how Mother Nature wishes to celebrate the holiday.

Grab your Uggs, hoodies, and vernacular of curse words because we’re gonna need it.

Darien Patch reports that some people won’t be that surprised to see white stuff falling from the sky again.  It’s because it snowed across the northern CT/MA border on Monday.


So, you can technically say we were being prepped for what’s supposed to come.  I guess.

Forecasters have their eyes on a potential nor’easter that could bring coastal flooding, cold rain, and whipping winds.   However, it all depends on how cold it’s actually going to get.

If it dips into that 30-degree range again like it did in parts of the state on Monday, we may have to deal with one last hurrah of slush, sleet, and snow.

I know, we’re dealing with the winter that simply won’t die.  Or, as some people who still like to brutalize Frozen puns will say… nah, I am not even going to entertain the thought.

So, what’s definitely coming over the weekend?  Well, rain.  Lots and lots and lots of rain.  Enough rain that it looks like we’re getting a total washout.  Or, as WFSB’s Scot Haney put it: we’re gonna get soaked.

Some models predict we could see somewhere up to 2” of rain.  Considering the current mathematical equation says 1” of rain = 10” of snow, you better pray the mercury stays above 40.

That said, if you have any outside plans for the weekend, you may want to think of a backup.

Hey, maybe we can all go on a hunt to find out who’s been shaking their rain stick like an etch-a-sketch.   We already know the drought is over.  This final batch of rain could quite possibly knock out the rest of the state’s dry conditions.

So, either Mother Nature needs to chill, we need to stop praying for rain, or some idiot got a rain stick for Christmas and hasn’t stopped shaking it.

Either way, it’ll be wet, cold, and windy this weekend.

Best buy your mom a nice cocktail, umbrella, and a laminated photo of the sun.  We’re not gonna be seeing that bad boy for a while.

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