In case you haven’t noticed, craft beer is pretty much entrenched as “a thing” at this point, and Connecticut has gotten into the game full force.

Just look at this list of local breweries that participated in Connecticut Beer Week last year. There are so many breweries in Connecticut, and they’re all making awesome beer!

But just because we have an abundance of brews doesn’t mean we shouldn’t welcome new tastes to the scene. So when I heard a new craft brewery might be coming to Connecticut, I was all ears.

According to The New Haven Register, Tim Wilson, a quality manager at Jack’s Abby brewery in Boston, is looking to move to New Haven and open up his own spot, brew his own beer, and welcome people into a tasting room to try it.

Wilson proposed his idea to the East Rock Management Team, so this thing is still far from a reality, but according to the report the East Rock team responded favorably. And when you add that positive response to me really wanting a new brewery in Connecticut, it sure seems like this thing is going to happen.

And the truth is, I have no idea if this Wilson guy is any good at what he does. I don’t know if he knows what he’s doing or, even if he does, that he’ll brew beer I will like to drink. But I don’t care.

In my world, any beer is worth trying once, and generally speaking brewery tasting rooms are a great place to do that trying. The atmosphere is laid back, it’s not some crazy bar or club, and if you have questions you can literally just turn around and ask the guy who made it.

Connecticut (and the world, at large) needs more breweries, tasting rooms, and beer gardens. Those are the only real ways to truly enjoy a good beer, and hopefully soon enough we’ll have one more place to do just that.

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